Our Story

Navitas is firstly and foremost the result of the encounter between two healing practitioners Daniela Cavatorta and Andrea Ferri.

Thanks to our special connection and following years of intense research and practicing of our healing techniques we have developed a new methodology in healing that can be called ‘info-vibrational’ and it is based upon the interaction between digitally stored information and the human bioenergy system.

We started working together in 2011 and since then we have refined our methodology and we have met some very special individuals that have recognized the importance of our work and have joined out path. This interest has led us to the creation of our Association currently based in Italy and formed by a pool of practitioners and medical doctors who are using our methodology within their practices and that are providing us with great feedback to be used for our research and to take Navitas to the next level.

Meet the Team

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Andrea Ferri


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Daniela Cavatorta


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